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This week was a momentous time at the Supreme Court to #StandUpForCleanWater.

Alongside Surfrider Foundation – Maui Chapter and our partners, we delivered strong arguments, and now it is up to the 9 Supreme Court Justices to decide whether they will side with the protection of our waterways or create a loophole for polluters in the Clean Water Act.

“‘If we don’t begin now, it will never happen in time to save our beaches,’ South Orange County Surfrider chapter coordinator, Denise Erkeneff told the council Tuesday.”

If you haven’t taken action yet, please do so! Extreme weather events, sea level rise and ocean acidification are putting our coastlines at risk, impacting everything from beachgoing to ocean recreation. Climate change impacts are also increasingly taking a devastating toll on coastal economies and local communities.

That is why citizens across the U.S. are demanding that Congress enacts climate change policies that protect the ocean, coasts and our communities before it’s too late!