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World Oceans Day and more in Marine Protected Area news

June 8 is World Oceans Day.

We think the big blue is pretty incredible – breathtaking views, endless recreation opportunities, incredible wildlife... it even provides oxygen for us!  Together Surfrider supporters can protect (and enjoy!) and restore our oceans. California is off to a great start, with 124 marine protected areas (MPAs) that cover 16 percent of state waters

How are you celebrating #WorldOceansDay?

Courtesy @Flickr user Funeral Bell

Explore MPAs this summer

Summer is here! Now that the days are at their longest, there is plenty of time for coastal exploration! 

Did you know that there are 124 marine protected areas (MPAs) along the coast of California?! This summer, we challenge you to visit your local MPAs! 

Unless specifically prohibited, all non-extractive uses such as swimming, wading, boating, diving and surfing are allowed in MPAs. Find more information on specific allowed activities here

Where along the California coast do you look forward to exploring?!

Courtesy W. Tipton

Full Moon Tidepooling

The July 5th full moon creates incredible conditions for tidepooling! When the moon is full, the gravitational pull of the sun and moon work together to create extreme high and low tides.

There are incredible tidepooling opportunities in California, and many are within marine protected areas (MPAs). Check out the following locations for awesome tidepooling, all within MPAs: Pyramid Point, Cape Mendocino, Duxbury Reef, Natural Bridges State Beach, Crystal Cove State Park, and Cabrillo National Monument.

When exploring, please avoid trampling plants and animals, walking in tidepools, picking up and handling organisms, and overturning rocks as these activities are not allowed in MPAs.

Courtesy Katelyn Sprofera