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We're back! This Week in Policy - January 10

Well, we survived another holiday season and made it to 2020. We hope everyone is refreshed, energized, surfed out and ready to take on 2020 like we are! Here's what we've been working on this week -

To begin, have you subscribed to our podcast yet? Get on it! -

Protect & Enjoy Episode 31: BREAKING NEWS, Surfrider’s 2020 Resolutions and a FACTOID with Katie Day

King Tides are Upon Us!!!

East Coast but I think we can agree this gets the point across - our coast and ocean are dynamic, sea level rise is upon us and the time to act is now!

Help us document the first King Tides of the year tomorrow! High tide is 8:30am ish - check your tide gauges, grab a camera and get out there (safely)! Here's a little more info.

BREAKING: Martin's Beach Saga Continues

The next chapter in the fight for beach access at Martin's Beach has begun. We applaud the state of California for stepping up to the plate to fight for Californians' right to beach access here and across the state! Read on - California Agencies Sue to Definitively Open Martins Beach