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Weekly Update - June 30

Action Alert // Save Our National Marine Sanctuaries 

We have 30 days to make our voices heard. Let's keep new offshore oil drilling OUT of California and SAVE our National Marine Sanctuaries! For more information, visit: Here is an update in the SF Examiner, as well.

Victory!! // Cemex Sand Mine in Monterey

We did it! “’s a huge victory to see all of that hard work prevail against a multimillion-dollar company that likes to litigate is really affirming that the little guys, the public, can win.” – Jennifer Savage, Surfrider's California Policy Manager. Huge props to Save Our ShoresSurfrider Foundation Monterey ChapterThe California Coast and everyone who fought to stop the theft of sand from California's coast! Here's a write up in the Inertia, and one in the SF Gate.

Policy Update // New website on ocean desal in CA

Everything you wanted to know about desal. Don't be afraid to ask.

Policy Update // Martin's Beach Op Ed

Don't miss this column from CEO Chad Nelsen in today's Los Angeles Times!