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Weekly Update - July 21

Information Alert // New Desal Website

Everyone wants a piece of the ocean – that's not new news. But did you know the extent to which corporations are trying to profit off California's drought fears? All you ever needed to know about desal (but might not know to ask) right here –

News // CEMEX and global sand shortage

A little bit on the pending Cemex closure and a lot on the global sand crisis. Great, important listen about how much sand we use, where it comes from, why we're running out and what that means - on NPR

Action Alert // Save our National Marine Monuments!!

Time is short, friends! Our national marine sanctuaries are vital to our recreation, economy and the creatures who live within them! Make your comments now! Here's how.

Action Alert // Save Trestles!

We saved Trestles and now Congressman Issa wants to undo Surfrider's recent lawsuit settlement that permanently protects San Onofre. Live in his district? Call him out! Sign the action alert, now!

News Alert // Martin's Beach

"Everyone in California has the right to go to the beach," Savage said. "It’s an equalizer. You can be rich, you can be poor, but you can still dig your toes in the sand."
While just a small beach, Savage says what happens at Martin's Beach affects all Californians and sets a precedent for the state's roughly $40 billion coastal economy.  More, here.