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Weekly Update - July 14

Coastal Commission Update // Cemex Sand Mine

The Coastal Commission unanimously approved an order to shut down Cemex Sand Mine in Monterey County! It's an incredible moment in the history of California coastal protection - a huge victory! Here's a debrief from Monterey County Now. Cemex's sand mine was the last sand mine in the US and will be phased out over a 3 year period.  Based on a study by SFSU's Phil King,  the economic loss to the region from the operation—land, habitat, infrastructure, recreation, etc.—would amount to about $218 million between now and 2030, and $757 million between now and 2100 had the plan been allowed to continue operation.

Coastal Commission Update // Pacific Grove Seawall

From yesterday's Coastal Commission meeting, a seawall repair opposed by our Monterey chapter was narrowly approved. As Commissioner Shallenberger, pointed out before voting "No" on the project, these small repairs beget coast-wide armoring – which diminishes our public beaches accordingly. Here's the full report in Monterey County Now.

News Alert // Water Supply and Desalination Affordability Crisis

“One big-picture solution is not to invest in overly expensive water sources” such as desalination, which far outstrips the cost of water recovered via conservation and recycling, the Pacific Institute’s Feinstein says. “Having to pay for a huge desalination plant that isn’t necessary will really burden low-income residents.” More in the LA Times.