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Weekly Update - August 18

News Update // More on Martin's Beach

Tech Billionaire who Blocked Beach Access Learns Not to Mess with Surfers. Vindication – again! Now to get those gates open.

News Update // Seawater Desalination

“One big-picture solution is not to invest in overly expensive water sources” such as desalination, which far outstrips the cost of water recovered via conservation and recycling. Here's the LA Times on water affordability.

New Update // Sea Level Rise

What if there was no more beach to go to in California? The words "coastal erosion" don't necessarily strike the same concern in one's heart as "sea level rise" and "climate change," but preventing our beaches from washing away is critical to our state's identity and economy.  The New York Times covers sea level rise. 

Policy Update // State Lands Commission

This week your California Policy Surfrider staff attended the State Lands Commission hearing in San Diego. There were several important topics covered. Maybe you think public meetings aren't as fun as a sweet, glassy fall swell – and okay, they're not, BUT still! Important! And exciting in their own way. For example, two big items out of the State Lands Commission so far: 1. The end of sandmining on California's coast (…/News_Room/2017/08-17-17_CEMEX.pdf); 2. Stopping leaking oil wells in Santa Barbara County (…/News_R…/2017/08-17-17_BeckerWell.pdf).

We also spoke during public comment to alert the Commission about the chronic toxicity  water quality violations coming from the Poseidon Carlsbad Desalination Plant - in hopes they will reconsider issuing another lease to the same untrustworthy company.

News Update // California Coastal Commission

After tons of drama with the California Coastal Commission, things are looking up, props to everyone for their hard work to make this happen! Read more in the LA Times.

Action Alert // Sign up for ActCoastal!

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