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Weekly Round Up - we're off and running in 2021, take action today!

Hello coastal defenders! We've hit the ground running this year. Here's the latest-

Protect & Enjoy Episode 74: Surfrider 2021: Big Plans, Plenty of Hope

Check out our first Protect & Enjoy episode of 2021! Here are the topics we cover in this episode -

Join our #PlasticFreePresident Campaign

Join us and ask @JoeBiden to be a #PlasticFreePresident. President Biden— we are asking you to help stop the global boom of plastic production, bring justice to petrochemical corridors, and make corporate polluters pay. Sign the action alert today!

Preserve Long Beach Beach, as a Beach!

The City of Long Beach has applied to the Coastal Commission to replace the old Belmont Pool with a giant “Belmont Beach and Aquatics Center” on the same site. The Coastal Commission will vote on this issue at their February hearing on Thursday, February 11. The new Beach and Aquatics Center is driven mostly by nostalgic memories of the Olympics and other aquatics competitions at the old pool. But times have changed since 1968. Beach access and vistas are now protected by the Coastal Act. And sea level rise poses serious threats to the site and surrounding area. 

Nobody opposes building a new public pool. But the beach is clearly the wrong place. We all have fond memories from the past. Theirs are competitive sporting events that can still occur elsewhere. Ours are memories of open beaches with beautiful views of the coast. Ours are the memories that are protected in the Coastal Act for this and future generations.

Sign our action alert today and tell the Coastal Commission to deny the City of Long Beach's proposal! If you're passionate about this issue and would like to get involved at the Coastal Commission hearing, give us a shout and we'll plug you in! Contact me at (Mandy).