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Weekly Round-Up - July 23-27

Here is your weekly media round-up courtesy of Surfrider's California policy staff. Enjoy!

The Worst Poverty in California? Not Where You Might Think

Does this surprise you?

We see it as another reason why upholding everyone's right to free public beach access is imperative to our mission.

Polls Show Surprising GOP Tilt Toward Environmental Issues in California 

It shouldn't be surprising that most Californians care about the environment (and want leaders who do, too!)...

Giant Sea Bass are Mysterious to Scientists. Understanding them Might Help the Species Survive

Some good news for our ocean! “We saw a remarkable number of giant sea bass as rare as black rhinos,” McCauley said with a smile. “That’s encouraging, because this species is an important part of the history and culture of California, and it appears to be making a comeback"

Coastal Advocates Challenge Deal that Bars Public from Reaching Hollister Ranch by Land

“This proposed settlement was conceived and executed behind closed doors, and offers no benefit to public coastal access,” said Marc Chytilo, an attorney representing the groups. “It has become necessary for community groups to step into the breach and prevent this one-sided relinquishment of public rights and misuse of funds.”

Serial Lobster Poacher Gets Jail Time

“I’m proud of the role the city attorney’s office is playing in preserving our city’s coastal environment,” San Diego City Atty. Mara Elliott said in a statement. “We will continue to work with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to protect precious marine resources so that they are available for future generations.”

A Sea Urchin is Mowing Down California's Kelp Forests - But Why? 

Without kelp, things can get very, very bad.