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Weekly Report - #StayHomeShredSafely and Hands Across the Sand Invitation

Happy Friday! We hope everyone is enjoying Spring time as much as can be during these strange and difficult times. In Southern California, we have been observing the bioluminescence effect that the red tide causes. Red tide can also have detrimental impacts to marine life and may cause allergy type reactions to those who come in contact with the water. Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System recently posted a full scientific report on the red tide - for those interesting in nerding out with us! Below you'll find a few more updates from the week including our latest COVID-19 recommendations and an invitation to the virtual Hands Across the Sand event happening on May 16! Read on -

COVID-19 Update

Cities, counties and states are currently opening their coasts to recreational access with new guidelines focused on limiting crowds and maintaining physical distancing. Surfrider has been working in communities across the U.S. to help enact responsible plans.We are urging the public to continue to honor COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, practice physical distancing, and avoid any crowded public spaces, including coastal parks, beaches and surfing areas.However, stay-at-home orders specifically allow for exercise as an essential activity. As such, Surfrider supports getting outside close to home for mental and physical well-being. Responsible access to our coasts and ocean requires two important elements. First, communities must have a plan to limit crowding and ensure responsible use. Second, coastal users must adhere to the rules. The Surfrider Foundation is advocating for both.Therefore, if you are legally allowed to visit the beach in your area for essential exercise, we urge you to follow all public health guidelines, as well as local regulations. Let’s all work together and recognize our shared role in keeping our beaches and surf spots open and safe. If not, we risk losing access to our favorite places. Read the full blog for more information and please help us share this message using #StayHomeShredSafely

Hands Across the Sand

VIRTUALLY join hands on May 16th to continue our momentum to say NO to filthy fuels and YES to clean energy. Tune into a video via Facebook, that includes messages from the Hands Across the Sand founders, sponsors, organizers, and participants over the last 11 years. The live link will be posted at 9am PST on May 16th

Please like, comment, and share our live stream to show support for the fight to protect our oceans and lands! If possible, tag your government representatives! Thank you for joining us in our quest to save our planet from climate change!The live link will be posted at 12pm EST USA time on May 16th in this event link. We will be sending continual reminders so you don't forget! RSVP to the Facebook event today!