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Weekly Report // June 16

Action Alert // SB 42 - Matins Beach

Please call California Assemblymember Cristina Garcia, chair of the Natural Resources Committee, at (916) 319-2058 and express your support for SB 42, Senator Hill's legislation to help us get access to Martins Beach back to the people it belongs to! Here's an update in the SF Gate. And one in the Mercury News.

News Update // Coastal Preservation Op Ed

"In trying to protect what we love, we may destroy it." - Armoring coast with seawalls kills beaches via OC Register

News Update // Desalination

Which path should we take, California? The thoughtful, long-term one? Or the expensive, inefficient one? Read more in the recent Sac Bee article.

News Update // Cemex

What will it take to stop the wholesale theft of California's coast? Read more in aggman.

Action Alert // Citizen science

Are You a Latino Surfer in South California? Help Out This PhD Chicana Student for Her Study! More in Latino Rebels.

Campaign Update // San Onofre State Beach seawall

"...this revetment is likely to only worsen the erosion and could cause permanent damage to a beloved surf spot and beach." Better long-term solutions exist. Let's protect access AND the waves we want access to! Read the full blog here.

Action Alert // National Monuments Need Our Protection

Lost Coast Headlands [featured above], part of California's Coastal National Monument – one of the many special places Surfrider Foundation is determined to keep protected! In fact, last Monday was #MonumentsMonday.

Since 1908, our U.S. Presidents have designated 127 special places in 31 states from the Grand Canyon to the Giant Sequoias to Bears Ears to name a few as national monuments as part of the Antiquities Act. These designations protect some our nation’s most outstanding public lands and waters and provide enormous value for recreational users.

But now these special places are threatened. The Department of Interior was ordered to review our national monuments – in particular 27 monuments (including 5 marine) -- that could be eliminated or reduced in size later this year. This review includes marine monuments such as Papahānaumokuākea in Hawaii and the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts, both of whose designations Surfrider worked hard to make happen.

Since Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke opened the review for public input, over one million Americans have submitted comments, and we encourage you to do the same. Please take just five minutes today to submit a comment online or by phone:


Call the Interior Secretary’s office at (202) 208-7351 and leave a short message with the staff member.

An attack on any national monument is an attack on them all. We must continue to preserve America’s most treasured places.

For more information, check out the most recent coastal blog.