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This Week in California

May we present our first weekly report. We’d like to offer this new concept of a weekly report to those who may like to track issues of statewide significance more closely, and hopefully find opportunities to collaborate. Content will include policy updates, latest news articles, action alerts and more! Please check back frequently for updates.

Policy Update // San Onofre Coastal Armoring: San Onofre State Parks was recently issued an emergency permit to install 900 linear feet of riprap to protect a coastal access road and parking lot at Surf Beach. While Surfrider agrees that we must protect the coastal access way, the materials chosen to do so could leave lasting impacts to the beach and wave, meanwhile, alternatives exist. Here’s the latest blog post on what is happening. We will report back soon with any update.

Policy Update // Tar Sand Oil Spills: We recently joined an effort to keep our waterways safe from Tar Sands oil spills. Even as the Trump Administration guts the public agencies charged with protecting our health and natural resources, California's legislators stand strong – and move forward. Read all about it, here.

News Alert // CEMEX Sand Mining: The saga continues with CEMEX’s sand mining operations in Marina, Monterey County. Rest assured that we are keeping a close eye on this and tracking policy developments, ready to act! Here’s the latest update from the San Francisco Chronicle. Update: Another SF Chronicle article was posted here!

Action Alert // Sewage spill in the Tijuana River: Between Feb. 6-23, more than 143 million gallons of raw sewage was discharged into the Tijuana River upstream in Tijuana - inevitably finding its way to the Pacific Ocean. Click here for all the details on what happened.  If you live in the San Diego area, please contact your congressional representatives using our action alert, here.

Policy Update //Coastal Commission:

February Hearing Report

The public portion of February's hearing in Newport Beach lasted two days instead of the usual three due to Commissioners spending Friday interviewing Executive Director candidates. Read the full meeting report here.

Coastal Commission Selects a New Executive Director

Exactly a year after the extraordinarily controversial firing of Dr. Charles Lester, the California Coastal Commission has hired his replacement, Jack Ainsworth, who has been serving as interim ED since last March. Read some of the press here, and here.

New Coastal Commissioners Selected

Three new Coastal Commissioners have been appointed - which is big news! The 12 person Commission will see 6 seats turn over this year total – leaving three more to go over the next few months. This is likely to result in a significant change in dynamic for the 12-person body.

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, Governor Jerry Brown announced two new appointments to the California Coastal Commission: Donne Brownsey and Effie Turnbull Sanders.
Read the full press release here.

On Thursday, March 2, Senate President Pro Tempore De Leon announced that Aaron Peskin will fill the North Central Coast seat recently vacated by Steve Kinsey. Here’s the announcement.