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The 'Spillover Effect' and more in Marine Protected Area news

Have you heard about the spillover effect?

As the density or abundance of marine life increases inside a marine protected area (MPA), some creatures will move outside the boundaries aka "spill over." The amount of spillover depends on the particular species and will change based on the extent of their home range, or how far they will travel in a lifetime. Through spillover, MPA benefits will not only be seen inside the boundaries, but also exported outside MPA boundaries.

Courtesy California Marine Sanctuary Foundation

Changing ocean conditions result in "Strange Fish in Weird Places"

California’s coast has been experiencing warmer than usual water. These warming ocean conditions are not necessarily good, but they have been known to bring some strange visitors to California's coast. From non-native animals, to those that don't typically occur in a certain area, or stay longer than a season typically permits, it's no wonder Monterey Bay University has started a "Strange Fish in Weird Places" observation project. 

Have you noticed any new visitors to your local marine protected area (MPA) or coastal area? Use the link above to share your observations!