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Webinar On Radioactive Effluent at San O

Join Surfrider and expert radiochemist Dr. Ken Buesseler on Tuesday September 22nd at 6:00PM to learn about the liquid radioactive effluent releases at the decommissioned San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. In addition to covering health implications, Dr. Buesseler will share opportunities for the community to collect beach water samples through Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's "Our Radioactive Ocean" program as a way to check local exposure levels.

Surfrider will provide a short introduction and update on the campaign to Get Nuclear Waste Off California's Coast, Dr. Buesseler will provide a 30-minute presentation on radioactive effluent and particles in our ocean, and then we'll open up it up to a Q&A and discussion with attendees for the last 20 minutes.

Please register here to attend! Space is limited.

Use the following links for more information about radioactive effluent releases, Surfrider's campaign to Get Nuclear Waste Off California's Coast, and ways to take action.