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Stop New Offshore Oil Drilling!

The federal government is currently considering opening waters off California’s coast to new offshore drilling for the first time in over 30 years.

Our coastline and beaches are the soul of our region and fuel our economy, from tourism to the seafood industry. And we know what it’s like to have an oil spill disrupt our lives, pollute our beaches, and bring commerce to a halt. It’s why we haven’t issued new oil leases since 1984.

STEP ONE: The Trump administration is proposing sales of new oil leases off the coast. You have until March 9th to voice your opposition here.

STEP TWO: Contact your Congressmember and say, "Don't let Trump expand offshore oil drilling." Find your Congressmember here.

#DrillingIsKilling #ProtectThePacific 

Join us Tuesday, Feb. 8 at 2 p.m. in Sacramento to tell the federal administration that offshore drilling and the oil spills, pipelines and climate chaos that come with it are not welcome off California's coast!

Bucking decades of bipartisan agreement, Trump wants to open vast new ocean areas to reckless offshore drilling, risking jobs, lives, and wildlife #ProtectOurCoast