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Save Huntington Beach from Poseidon's Desal Boondoggle!

Poseidon Water may get to build a massive taxpayer-subsidized boondoggle of a desalination plant in Huntington Beach if we don’t stop them! Poseidon’s proposed plant is oversized to maximize profits, uses outdated technology that harms marine life and would cost a fortune. Since Poseidon’s Carlsbad plant opened in 2015, San Diego County is now facing a water affordability crisis. Surfrider has been fighting this terrible project in Huntington Beach for over a decade! It's time to finally put the nail in the coffin!

The Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board will hold a public hearing via Zoom on April 23, 2021 as the final step in their permitting process for Poseidon’s proposed plant. The public will be able to comment on the project again during the Regional Board hearing. If you are able to participate on April 23, please contact Mandy Sackett, Surfrider’s California Policy Coordinator at

Save the Date:

Friday April 23, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.

The Regional Board will hold a public hearing via remote video conferencing ( ZOOM ) on the proposed Poseidon desalination project in Huntington Beach.

To request to speak on an item at the April 23, 2021 meeting, you must submit a virtual speaker card no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. To register to speak, click here! Speakers should sign up for agenda item 2 to speak on Poseidon. Contact us if you'd like suggested talking points!


Recent LA Times coverage reveals Poseidon’s behind-the-scenes lobbying, illegal ex-parte communications. If the project complied with California’s laws, they wouldn’t have to go through such efforts and expenditures!

If the Regional Board approves the permit this month, Poseidon still needs approval from the California Coastal Commission before it can begin construction.