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Protect & Enjoy, an AUDIO update: Great news as plastic pollution legislation advances!

Hey there, all you fighting against plastic pollution! We're pleased to announce that SB 54, AB 1080 and SB 424 have all made it out of their "houses of origin" – deadline to do so was Friday, so any bills that failed to progress are doomed to disappear or, at best, return in a new form next year. Of course, making it out of one house is only the beginning! Click on the links above to take action and help move these bills allllllllll the way to the governor's desk!

What else is moving forward? Glad you asked! Updated legislation page here and, hey-o! an audio update for your listening pleasure –
California Policy Manager Jennifer Savage and Healthy Beaches Manager Shannon Waters in Sacramento earlier this year

What do you think of this format? We like that you can catch up while you make dinner, go for a walk or drive to your favorite beach, and are hoping to make this a weekly feature. Feedback welcome!