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Protect and ENJOY: Hands Across the Sand

Last weekend, Surfrider and our partners brought together activists around the world to promote clean energy and end our dependence on dirty fuels - and offshore oil drilling in an annual event known as Hands Across the Sand. It was a success!

This was an awesome opportunity to protect AND enjoy the beach! In Encinitas, Surfrider and Oceana joined forces and rallied together.

Ocean's Brady Bradshaw and young activist in training

Oceana's Brady Bradshaw had this to say - “Thousands of every day people, and our elected officials who are paying attention and representing us, are making things difficult for the Administration to fulfill this radical drilling plan. We must not let up until the plan is scrapped entirely.”

This event, one where we get to make our statements on the beach rather than in a public hearing or court room, was a perfect opportunity to reflect on WHY it is we work so hard to protect the coast.

Brady is an expert in the enjoyment factor and described the sentiment well - “The Ocean is my sanctuary. I dive there on one breath to get away… to attain silence and total peace of mind, and to learn about myself through freediving. Nobody threatens my place of sanctuary and gets away with it.”

Happy Memorial Day Surfrider family, have a great weekend and don't forget to enjoy the coast!