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Martin's Beach, Sea Level Rise, Desal and San Clemente Dam Removal

News Alert // San Clemente Dam 

Great for fish and also: “the most important aspect of taking down the dam is that it reestablishes sediment supply, and with sea level rise we need that everywhere" – Trish Chapman, regional manager for the California Coastal Commission. Read more about the impacts of the San Clemente Dam removal here.

Campaign Update // Martin's Beach

"We are encouraged that courts have agreed with Surfrider’s case unanimously, which ultimately aims to re-open access to this treasured community beach.” – Angela Howe, Surfrider Foundation’s legal director. Check out the most recent news from the California Supreme Court.

Science Update // New data on sea level rise

"On the other hand, if the world limits global warming to the Paris climate agreement emissions target, the study finds that sea level rise might be held as low as 1.7 feet by 2100, on average..." More here.

Campaign update // Huntington Beach desal

OC’s largest retail water agency doesn’t want to pay for overpriced and unnecessary desal. Check out this press release from Irvine Ranch Water District. #SayNotoPoseidon