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Martin's Beach, Coastal Commission and More!

The ocean received some great news coverage this week!

Also, use your voice for good!

Important Update on Martin's Beach

  • L.A. Times: "Cutting off the public's beach access to appease a billionaire would be unconscionable" "...Khosla is seeking to dismantle a law that, for four decades, has provided reasonable access to California's beaches along the entire coast to millions of people, vanishingly few of whom can afford to buy houses along the coast.
  • In fact, the Coastal Act and the Commission's enforcement of it may be the only thing that has stood between the public's access to the beach and high-rollers buying enough property to block it off. The idea that Khosla would use his wealth to resolve a dispute about his private road by trying to demolish that law and diminish access to the coast is unconscionable." Read the full editorial here.

Finally, here's the latest Coastal Commission Report

  • The March meeting of the California Coastal Commission took place over three days at the Oxnard Harbor District in Port Hueneme. Items on the agenda raised several issues critical to California’s coast including shoreline armoring, sea level rise, public access and sediment management. Click here for the full report!