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King Tides, Coastal Commission Update and Sanuk

News Alert // Sea Level Rise

We are way behind in adapting to sea level rise – things are only getting more serious. More in The Hill.

Policy Update // December Coastal Commission Hearing.

This month's California Coastal Commission meeting is from 12/13- 12/15. Follow along – or keep up to speed – with ActCoastal, the California Coastal Commission accountability project and the best way to track the decision's most affecting our beloved coast! Check out the newsletter here. Look out for a post hearing report next week!

Water Quality Update // San Diego County Chapter

Great news from San Diego! South San Diego County Beaches Getting More Water Testing!

Partnership Announcement // Sanuk

Stoked to announce our new partnership with Sanuk on “2 Miles of Smiles," a campaign focusing on the stretch of coastline that runs adjacent to the Sanuk headquarters from Campus Point at University of California Santa Barbara, to Coal Oil Point Reserve.  

Blog Alert // December King Tides Photos

Today's king tide is tomorrow's new normal. What will your beach look like? How will your town prepare? Check out all the aerial photos we took from across the country during the December King Tides.