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Coastal Commission Report, Seawalls and Public Access

Coastal Commissioner Report // Sharp Park Seawall

We are very disappointed that California Coastal Commission rewarded years of Coastal Act violation by allowing yet more armoring of our coast at Sharp Park Golf Course in San Francisco at the November hearing.

Seawalls kill beaches! And as Comm @vargas_mark noted, "A seawall is a seawall is a seawall."

“Fifty thousand pounds of rock was illegally installed,” said Neal Desai, director of field operations for the National Parks Conservation Association. “Anything short of a cease-and-desist order is a celebration of illegal armoring or seawalls at the expense of low cost recreation and coastal access.”  More info from Court House News.

Coastal Commission Report // Cojo Aliso Ranch

The California Coastal Commission enforcement staff successfully settled an outstanding enforcement case in Santa Barbara County at the November hearing. The Cojo Aliso Ranch  is the largest remaining in-tact coastal ranch in California, spanning over 24,000 acres. The settlement provides for extensive restoration of sensitive habitat and dedicates a large swath of land to expand Jalama County Park for increase public access.

Check out the report - Californians May Gain Access to a Mile of Rural Coast in NY Times.

Campaign Update // Plastic Pollution

What we can all do: Inform ourselves about new and proposed laws to reduce waste and share our concerns. Check out the plastic pollution resources developed by the California Coastal Commission -  Learn how to "make trash extinct" through our own consumer choices.

News Update // Sea Level Rise

California's leading, as usual – and we must keep advocating for long-term solutions to climate change! More in the OC Register.