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Coastal Cabin Survey + SONGS + Offshore Oil Drilling

Action Alert // Survey: Where does California need new coastal cabins?

Help make the #CAcoast accessible for all! The California State Coastal Conservancy is looking for places to create affordable lodging. Share your location ideas at

Campaign Update // Emerging issue at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

" issue with faulty components of storage canisters is raising additional public concerns about safety." The latest on the SanO nuclear waste storage situation. Check out our latest blog on an important emerging issue at SONGS. The OC Register also covered the issue.

Media Alert // California Water Policy

Complacency is dangerous. Conservation should be the norm – proactive planning is better than reactive scrambling! Check out: California Must be Ready for the Next Drought.

Media Alert // Offshore Oil

The inevitable oil spills will not stop at arbitrary boundaries. New drilling will put all the Pacific at risk.

“If the Coastal Commission objects to the drilling and transport of oil, we can also go to the Secretary of Commerce,” Bochco said. “We can make it very expensive for any oil company to fight the state. It may not be practical for them to even try.” Check out recent coverage in the Malibu Times.