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California needs your attention before the holidays!

Offshore Oil Drilling

BREAKING: the Trump administration just approved permits for seismic testing in the Atlantic-- a precursor to oil and gas drilling that could harm thousands of whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals, many of which are already under threat.

The Trump administration just announced it is moving forward with a dangerous plan to allow seismic exploration for oil and gas in our ocean.

Seismic blasting is a violent, destructive precursor to offshore oil drilling. By issuing these permits to Big Oil, the administration will knowingly harm thousands of threatened and endangered marine mammals. This type of damage to our coastal resources is unacceptable. The Surfrider Foundation and our strong coalition of allies will stand up to protect our ocean, waves and beaches for the future. Join us and protect defenseless whales, dolphins, fish and marine life. Read on.

Further, California's coast launched the $26.5B surf industry, and that is why Surf Industry Manufacturers Association is joining tourism, fishing and other businesses to #ProtectthePacific from new offshore drilling! More here. 

Sea Level Rise in California // Action Alert

Would you rather have beaches in California or no beaches in California? If your answer is beaches - please sign this action alert STAT!

Giving Tuesday

Thank you everyone who participated in Giving Tuesday! Our work in California – and all over the U.S. and beyond! – depends on our member contributions.

Santa Barbara Public Access

Hmmm... what happened to the funds entrusted to Santa Barbara County for public access? Read on.