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California Happenings

Here's what we've been working on. Have a listen and a read and let us know what you think!

PODCAST // Protect & Enjoy Episode 22: Coastal Commission Madness, ACTION ALERT Save Your Sanctuary!, FACTOID Krill Poo with Katie Day

SONGS Update // San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Granted Permit to Begin Deconstruction

Last week, the Coastal Commission approved a permit to begin deconstruction of the San Onofre Power Plant. Unfortunately, the nuclear waste will remain for the time being.

Action Alert // Demand Congress Take Climate Change Action Now!

The #RisingSeas wetsuit is not real, but the threat of climate change is very real. This concept was formulated to shine a light on the urgent risks our ocean and coasts are facing due to sea level rise, pollution, extreme weather events, and harmful algal blooms. Here’s how you can help: click the link below to demand that Congress take action on climate change NOW. VISSLA + Surfrider Foundation #risingseas

Contact your local chapter to learn how to get involved!