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August Update! Progress on Seawalls, SONGS, Straws, Martin's Beach

From the Capitol to the State Lands Commission meeting in Sacramento, Surfrider's staff and activists are fighting against plastic pollution and offshore oil drilling, and for beach access for everyone! Here are the highlights:

Coastal Commission // August ActCoastal Report

If you think public meetings are boring, you haven't seen the Coastal Commission through our eyes! The ActCoastal report was just released! The August Coastal Commission meeting was packed with high-profile, controversial items and resulted in 5 vote charts. Check it out.

SONGS Update // New Blog

Here's a new blog on all the ways in which Surfrider is working to solve one of America's most intractable problems.

Offshore Oil Update // California bill passes!

Bill aimed at blocking new oil rigs offshore heads to Gov. Jerry Brown – YES and YES!

Martin's Beach // Campaign Update

Last week we asked the State Lands Commission to take action to #OpenMartinsBeach! They have the law on their side, they have the funding, all they need is the will to do what's right for California! Paging Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom... Help ensure everyone has access to California's coast! We expect this to come back at their October hearing. More details here!

Plastics Update // California Legislation

A step in the right direction (!!): State Senate Approves Diluted Version of Plastic Straws Ban in California