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2023 Coast & Ocean Legislation

Surfrider California strongly supports these bills in 2023. We are also leading a campaign to restore the State's coastal resilience budget with key partners. As of early June 2023, we are also opposing SB 423 unless it is amended to remove the portion of the bill that allows for by-right approval of multi-family housing in the Coastal Zone. Exempting new development from the Coastal Zone is not the way to achieve housing goals in California.

AB 1628 (McKinnor) would significantly reduce the amount of microfiber pollution entering our ocean and freshwater ecosystems, our lands, our air, and our communities by requiring microfiber filters on washing machines. CAMPAIGN PAGE | ACTION ALERT | FACT SHEET I BILL TEXT

AB 1290 (Rivas) eliminates several of the most problematic forms of plastics that contaminate recycling or pose a risk to human health, by prohibiting the use of PVC, PVDC, PET-G, or pigmented PET packaging, as well as prohibiting the addition of PFAS, carbon black, and oxo-degradable additives in plastic packaging. CAMPAIGN PAGE | FACT SHEET I BILL TEXT - This is now a 2-year bill and may be brought back next session.

AB 1705 (McKinnor) would prohibit new incinerators and related technologies until the state has achieved specific recycling and organic waste reduction targets for three consecutive years. FACT SHEET I BILL TEXT - This bill will not be moving forward this session but may be brought back up next session.

AB 1597 (Alvarez) would make $50,000,000 available from the General Fund to the NADBank for loans, grants, and direct expenditures to address water quality problems arising in the California-Mexico cross-border rivers. FACT SHEET I BILL TEXT

SB 272 (Laird) ensures coastal communities are prepared for and ready to mitigate the effects of sea level rise within the coastal zone by requiring local coastal programs are updated to reflect the best available science by 2034. FACT SHEET I BILL TEXT

SB 704 (Min) removes the “industrial override” provision of the Coastal Act that allows for oil and gas (and related industrial) development to be approved without having to comply with the resource protection policies of Chapter 3 of the Coastal Act. FACT SHEET I BILL TEXT

AB 80 (Addis) creates the West Coast Offshore Wind Science Entity at the Ocean Protection Council to coordinate and oversee the science and monitoring necessary to inform the environmentally responsible development of offshore wind energy off the coast of California. FACT SHEET I BILL TEXT

SB 286 (McGuire) expedites offshore wind through a consolidated permit process led by the State Lands Commission and the California Coastal Commission; and requires the Coastal Commission to convene a working group before 2025 for ensuring that offshore wind energy projects avoid, minimize impacts, and mitigate for economic impacts to ocean fisheries resulting from offshore wind energy projects. BILL TEXT

AB 1407 (Addis) accelerates California's marine habitat restoration efforts by establishing recovery goals for critical ocean ecosystems and a state structure to develop and support restoration projects. FACT SHEET I BILL TEXT

AB 1150 (Committee bill) authorizes the California Department of parks and Recreation to enter into community access agreements with qualified nonprofit organizations that provide interpretive and visitor services for underserved populations at state park properties. FACT SHEET I BILL TEXT