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2022 bills to get across the finish line

Surfrider California has been working hard to push priority bills through the State Legislature. Now we need your help getting them over the finish line. Tell your members and the Governor (@GavinNewsom) to sign these bills, which could get passed or vetoed anytime before September 30!

SB 1078 - The Sea Level Rise Revolving Loan Fund helps create space along the coast as sea levels rise. It establishes a fund that local governments can use to buy out low income properties along the coast. Local governments can then take over ownership of vulnerable properties and ultimately create space for our beaches to migrate inwards. blog/letter

SB 1036 - The California Ocean Conservation Corps establishes a workforce program for young people to build sea level rise resilience projects. The pilot program in Orange County will also specifically focus on remediation in areas affected by the 2021 oil spill. blog/letter

SB 867 - This sea level rise bill requires local governments to update their Local Coastal Programs by 2028. Finally, a mandate to get cities to plan responsibly for sea level rise. letter

And in case you missed it, the Governor signed a sweeping package of about 40 bills aimed at addressing climate and waste, including the Surfrider-backed AB 1857! We also banned seabed mining in California State Waters (AB 1832 was signed on September 19 2022!)