The 2019 California legislative session is wrapping up and we need your help to turn bills into laws and make our state’s ocean, waves and beaches cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable! While the process of how bills become laws might not seem to be the most exciting topic, we’re all impacted by whether or not they do – so why not play a role in the outcome?

This year, we’re supporting a suite of bills addressing plastic pollution, coastal access, climate change, offshore oil drilling, and water quality. Help us establish a landmark comprehensive framework to address plastic pollution, prevent oil spills and more! 

Below are three priority bills that Surfrider supports. A complete list can be found HERE.

September 13th is the deadline to pass legislation, so it’s critical you make your voice heard today! Sign the action alerts associated with each bill below and/or call your Assemblymembers and Senators to state your support! 

You can also keep current on legislation by listening to our weekly California Podcast, “Protect and Enjoy,” available on iTunes.
PLASTICSAB 1080 (Gonzalez) and SB 54 (Allen) California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Bill 
Summary: These parallel bills aim to establish a comprehensive framework to address the pollution and waste crisis.  By 2035, all single-use plastic packaging and select single use plastic products manufactured, imported, sold or distributed in California must be reduced, recycled, or composted by 75%. By the same date, all single-use packaging and products must be recyclable or compostable.
OFFSHORE OIL DRILLINGAB 936 (Rivas) Oil Spills: Response and Contingency Planning Bill
Summary: This bill would establish a contingency plan for non-floating oil spills and support research to develop non-floating oil cleanup methods, giving California the resources to better prevent, contain, and clean up these types of dangerous and hard-to-manage oil spills.